Cute story I read today on your road map for success…

“As people catch crabs, they’ll toss [them]…into a basket.  If you have only one crab…, you need a lid to keep it from crawling out, but … when there are several crabs, they will drag one another down so that none of them can get away. 

Alot of unsuccessful people act the same way.  They’ll do things to keep others from getting ahead.  But the good news is that if you observe someone trying to do that, you don’t have to buy into their belief system.  You can get out and stay out of the basket by refusing to be a crab.  : )

Create a GREAT day! 



Are you looking for a way to be self-fulfilled? 

That’s like making happiness your goal.  That would be self-fulfillment.

But self-development is a higher calling.  It is the development of our potential so that we can fulfill the purpose for which we were created…no matter how it makes us feel. 

We may wonder why we are going through a certain situation and then days or even years later we realize we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t experience some of the most challenging days of our life.  I can attest to that! 

Self-development always has one effect:  It draws us towards our destiny. 

Keep pressin’ on! 


General Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “There are no victories at bargain prices.”   To lead your life and business forward you must have strong self-discipline

When it comes self-discipline, people chose one of two things:

  1. Either they chose the pain of discipline, which comes from sacrifice and growth.
  2. Or they chose the pain of regret, which comes from taking the easy road and missing opportunities.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.  Each person in life chooses their own path. Be willing to make decisions and then TAKE ACTION.  

If you tell yourself you don’t have strong self-discipline, STOP.  Go after this trait in small bite-size pieces each day.  Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

What will you decide to do with the time you have today?

Go and GROW!


It is with much love and gratitude that we remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives on our behalf today and every day.

“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.”  Brian Tracy
Are you on track to living your best life?  What are you waiting for?

Pulitzer-winning writer Katherine Anne Porter observed:  “I am appalled at the aimlessness of most people’s lives.  Fifty perent don’t pay any attention to where they are going; forty percent are undecided and will go in any direction.  Only ten percent know what they want, and even all of them don’t go toward it.” …

Here’s six guidelines to help keep your goals on target. 

Your objective must be:

  1. Written – You’ll achieve more in a shorter period of time if you write it down, just claim it!  Today is the day… (fill in the blank here)
  2. Personal
  3. Specific
  4. Achievable – Please don’t just say…”I want to make alot of money!”  Money doesn’t buy happiness.  How much money do you need to generate each week or monthly to get you one step closer to your goal.  
  5. Measurable
  6. Time-sensitive – What can you accomplish today, this week, this month, in one year, how about in five years?   As you measure your goals it will create that momentum you need to keep pressin’ on.

Move out of your comfort zone.  When you start to feel uncomfortable that means you are growing and on track to living your life by design!

How about you, do you have a bright idea you’d like to share with everyone?  Please leave a comment or contact me, let’s get social!

Wishing YOU much success,


Had to share an excerpt from an article I read at lifesupportsystem.com today.

Abraham Lincoln knew the value that difficulties can bring to a life. One of his cabinet appointees, Edwin Stanton, frequently found flaws with the president and criticized him — sometimes in public.  But Lincoln seemed to show excessive patience with him. 

The president was asked why he kept such a man in a high level position.

Lincoln characteristically responded with a story. He told about a time he was visiting with an old farmer. He noticed a big horsefly biting the flank of the farmer’s horse. Lincoln said he reached over to brush the fly away. As he did so, the farmer stopped him and cautioned, “Don’t do that, friend. That horsefly is the only thing keeping this old horse moving.”

Even life’s many irritations and problems have their place. That horsefly kept the horse moving. Edwin Stanton, no Yes Man, kept the president sharper, honest and self-reflective.

Sometimes we make the best of our problems. But how wonderful it is when those problems can make the best of us!

Make it a great day!


Me and my sister May 7, 2011

This past weekend, I attended an annual home-business convention in Las Vegas.  It was AWESOME!  Whenever you have the opportunity to attend a live event, DO IT!

During the formal Saturday night dinner the waiter went to take my plate away (I ate everything on the plate it was SO good!)  the knife fell off the plate, into my lap, and then onto the floor.  I didn’t think much of it, it was no big deal. 

Then later that evening I realized I had a butter stain from the knife dropping on my lap.  Ugh!  I had just bought this dress for this special occassion and was disappointed about the stain.   I was taking the red-eye flight home in 3 hours so I just packed the dress and left for the airport.   

I took the dress to my dry cleaners the following day.  So what’s the point of this post?  I just have to say I’ve never had such great service at a dry cleaners before! 

When I walked in to explain what I happened I expressed my concern about cleaning the garmet because of the jewels on the top of the dress.  The gentleman took the dress and said… wait here one minute.  He came back in less than 5 minutes and had the stain gone.  He went right to work on removing the stain while I was standing there and proceeded to tell me there would be no charge.  WOW, now that’s service!!!! 

I promised him I would always go to his store for my dry cleaning.   I was so relieved the dress was not ruined and then to receive such great service made my day.  I will ALWAYS go to their store from now on.  Little things like that make a BIG difference in keeping your customers coming back to you.  He could of charged me but he didn’t and I will never forget that.

So if you have a CD One Price Cleaners in your area I highly recommend their service.  You can find their locations at http://cdonepricecleaners.com

Have a great day!